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Providing home and small businesses with pc repair services and web support.

News & Notices:

** On Sale!
$360.00 (%10 off $400.00)ThinkPad Laptop, 8GB RAM - Intel i5 @ 2.6-3.3 GHz - 240GB SSD - 15.6" Screen - Click for more details.

** CCleaner
No Longer recommending this software as of version 5.30. CCleaner/Piriform has been bought by the parent company of Avast Anti-Vi, and has been caught adding malicous code into their software and installation files. Any versions after 5.30 I would recommend uninstalling. Any versions prior to 5.30, be sure the automatic update feature is off. Call, text or email if you have any questions or concerns.

** Notice for Windows 10 Owners
Ongoing issues with update 1806 / 1809 (April / Oct)
If you have had any issues with updates, or want to learn how to manage your updates without risk, please contact me.
$40.00 base rate on repairs. Cleaning and update optimization included.
$50.00-$80.00 for full system cleaning, virus or other software repairs, and any other major repairs required.
See the repairs page for more information.

For repair services or website design/hosting quotes,
Email: [email protected]
Txt/Phone: 1 (519) 217 0155


Laptop Special - ThinkPad
10% off ($400.00), tax included, $360.00 Total

Memory: 8 GB RAM
Processor: intel i5 @ 2.6-3.3 GHz
Storage: 240 GB SSD

System is cleaned and customized with any software you request when you order. Refurbished & tested, warranties included with all systems purchased through Streamline PCs. (Refurbished, Only 1 Left in stock)

ThinkPad 15.6" (Shown in image)
- OS options: Win7, Win10, Android or Ubuntu. Dual-boot and VM available.
- *Ram 8GB (2x4GB, 16 GB max) DDR3 - *240GB SSD - i5 M3220 CPU
- 100 Mbps Lan - WiFi ac - Expansion Slot - Camera Card Slot
- 2xUSB 3.0 - 2xUSB2.0 (1 Mobile Charge Port)
- Intel HD 4000 (mid-low gaming potential) - Mini Display Port - VGA
- AUDIO Realtek HD - Mic/Headphone Jack - **DVD-RW
- *Max 9 Hour, Li-ion20 4900mAh Battery - Charging Cable

* new components
** can be replaced with second SSD or HDD (4 TB/4000 GB max.)

Recommended software, free and licensed versions available for each.