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New, refurbished, rebuilt, or off-lease units available from:
Lenovo | Dell | ASUS | Toshiba | HP 

Current minimum specs: Dual or Quad core, 8GB Ram, 120-240GB SSD
Starting at $340.00

3rd-4th Generation Intel i7's, 8GB-16GB Ram, 240GB-1TBGB SSD/mSATA
Starting At $430.00

All units are physically inspected, tested, and customized for your needs. Corporate software and other bloatware removed so you have control of your system.

|| CCleaner ||
No Longer recommending this software as of version 5.30. CCleaner/Piriform has been bought by the parent company of Avast Anti-Vi, and has been caught adding malicous code into their software and installation files. Any versions after 5.30 I would recommend uninstalling. Any versions prior to 5.30, be sure the automatic update feature is off. Call, text or email if you have any questions or concerns.

|| Notice for Windows 10 users ||
Ongoing issues with updates, though most major issues have been patched, and new updates have been sent out.
If you have had any issues with updates, or want to learn how to manage your updates without risk, please contact me. There are several ways to control Windows 10 update features,
$50.00-$80.00 for full system cleaning, virus or other software repairs, and any other major repairs required. Update optimization included. See the repairs page for more information.

For repair services or website design/hosting quotes,
Email: [email protected]
Txt/Phone: 1 (519) 217 0155

Recommended software, free and licensed versions available for each.