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Providing individuals, homes, and small businesses with pc repair services and web support.


Several rebuilt/new systems available, as well as on-demand orders and customized system builds and upgraedes. From simple machines for daily use, to more modern powerful desktops and laptops built for busniess and/or gaming.

Laptops & 
Desktops Available:
*8Core AMD FX Sapphire Nitro R9 380 / Custom Desktop - $620.00 
*8core AMD Ryzen Mini ITX / New Custom Desktop - $560.00 SOLD
*8core AMD Ryzen Mini ITX / New Custom Desktop - $560.00 SOLD
*2core Intel Mini ITX Lenovo / Rebuilt Custom Desktop - $300.00
*2core Intel Atom Mini ITX / Rebuilt Custom Desktop - $200.00 SOLD
*2core Intel Atom Mini ITX / Rebuilt Custom Desktop - $160.00 SOLD

*2core Lenovo T440 / Rebuilt Custom 14" Laptop - $380.00 SOLD
*2core Toshiba-Dynabook Satellite / Rebuilt Custom 14" Laptop - $160.00 
*2core HP Mini / Rebuilt Custom 10.1" Netbook - $130.00

Full System List -  Specifications
Please Call, Text, or Email for models and information.
All units are physically inspected, tested, and customized for your needs.

Services for ordering and drop-off repairs available. Orders & drop-offs; no need to leave your vehicle. Simply arrange a time, call or contant me via txt/email for a curb-side pickup, and I will handle your system for you. Unable to bring your system or electronics in? Call to arrange a time for on-site services.

[email protected] is a project to assist in the reasearch of Covid-19 and other diseases. If you are interested in joining the project, and leasing some of your computers down-time to virus research, please follow this link: https://foldingathome.org/

For repair services or website design/hosting quotes,
Email: [email protected]
Text/Phone: (519) 217 0155

CUSTOM 8Core AMD FX / ASUS TUF 1650S  - $730.00


-ASUS TUF nVidia 1650S
OC 4GB GDDR6 (NEW 1650S @ 12Gbps vs. 1650 GDDR5 at 8Gbps. $295.00)
-8 Core FX-8350
4.5 GHz Stable OC
-16 GB DDR3 @ 1600
4/4/4/4 Dual Channel
-MSI 970 Mainboard
(Modified Cooling
VRM & Chipset)

-NZXT S340 Case
-Nauctua Twin Tower HS
-750 Watt OCZ Ultra PSU

STORAGE (1.5 TB Total)

-500GB NVME m.2 PCIE4
Samsung Evo 980 (NEW On PCIE_4x Adapter. $55.00)
-1TB SSHD Seagate DX001
-8x SATA 3 ports / Raid Array


Windows 10
-Fully updated and optimized.
(Windows 11 - Not currently recommending for any systems)
Linux / Ubuntu Versions
-Zorin, Pop OS, + Others

Recommended software, free and licensed versions available for each.